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Damage of Steel Storage Tanks due to Buckling

Sponsored by:  Federal Emergency Management Administration

and  National Science Foundation


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Research team                 Project PI: Dr. Luis A. Godoy

Project participants: Dr. Raul Zapata (co-PI, FEMA), Dr. Luis E. Suarez

Graduate Students at UPR-M: Genock Portela, Eduardo M. Sosa, Juan Carlos Virella, Julio C. Mendez, Raul Lizardi

Undergraduate Students at UPR-M: Ledwin Mercury, Juan P. Rodriguez Padilla

Associate Researchers: Dr. Fernando G. Flores, Dr. Sergio A. Elaskar, Rossana Jaca, Oscar Falcinelli

1num.jpg (15499 bytes) Publications

Journal publications

Imperfection sensitivity to elastic buckling of wind loaded open cylindrical tanks

Revisión crítica de algunas teorías de accidentes asociadas a la infraestructura

Other peer-reviewed publications

Buckling of aboveground storage tanks with conical roof
On the collapse of a reinforced concrete digester

Damage due to buckling in aboveground storage tanks

Deflections of Thin-Walled Storage Tanks with Roof due to Localized Support Settlements

Other publications

Buckling of Thin-Walled Storage Tanks due to Support Settlements

2num.jpg (13199 bytes) Educational modules

The analysis of a failure (Simulation for educational purposes)

Experiments on small-scale models

Computer simulations of buckling of tanks

Selected literature on tanks

3num.jpg (18410 bytes) Outreach modules   (in PDF format)

Introduction to aboveground steel tanks

Evidence of buckling in tanks

A Primer on buckling of tanks

Wind loads on tanks using ASCE

Pressures due to wind on tanks: State of the art

Wind tunnel experiments at UPR-M

Inverse evaluation of pressures based on field evidence

Buckling due to wind

Imperfection sensitivity of buckling loads under wind

Buckling due to internal vacuum

Buckling due to support settlement

4num.jpg (10933 bytes) Seminars and presentations

FEMA, April 4th, 2001

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Sigma-Xi, April 18th, 2002: Buckling and retrofit of steel tanks subject to wind and earthquake loadings

Sigma-Xi, April 18th, 2002: Wind pressures and buckling of metal cantilever tanks

EPSCOR Annual Meeting, May 16th, 2002. Natural frequencies of tanks with a roof

Field trips and presentations      Bacardi     Caribbean Petroleum

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